Это двунаправленный Русско-Volapьk словарь. Быстрые ссылки:

A, Д, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, Ц, P, Q, R, S, T, U, Ь, V, W, X, Y, Z


Volapьk words are printed in heavy type.

Words which have the same spelling and the same meaning, both in Volapьk and in English, are printed in ITALIC CAPITALS.

Words of the same meaning which happen to be next each other in the alphabetical arrangement are bracketed (Many derivativs, formed by adding syllables, are placed under the radical, and abbreviated by dropping the radical. See remarks on page 46.

When an English word is defined by several Volapьk words the distinction between these must be found by looking them up in succession.



a, by ; a tel, by twos ;

a del, per day.

ab, but (conjunction).

to be able, kanцn.

about, dц, za.

abundance, bundan.

academy, kadem.

to accept, lasumцn.

to accompany, kopanцn.

according to, segun.

to accuse, kusadцn.

acid, zьd.

act, dun[am].

to act, dunцn.

adelo, to-day.

address, ladet, -цn,

lenpьk, -цn.

adherent, zьpel.

adieu, adyц.

adjectiv, ladyek.

admonition, monedam.

to advance, fцdцn.

advantage, bizug.

advice, konsдl.

adyц ! adieu !

affair, din.

Africa, Fikop.

African, fikopik, fikopel.

after, na, po, pos.

again, denu.

against, ta.

age, bдled.

agreeable, plidik.

agreement, balam.

ai, constantly, habitually.

aim, zeil.

air, lut.

al, to.

alik, every.

alim, every one.

alive, lifik.

all, valik.

almanac, kaled.

almost, ti.

along, ve.

alphabet, lafab.

already, ya.

also, so, thus.

also, i.

alteration, vot (-цn), votam.

although, do.

America, Melop, (-ik, -el).

among, bevь,

amount, suдm.

and, e.

angel, lanel.

angle, gul.

angry, zunik.

animal, nim.

anik, some.

to announce, nunцn.

to annul, nosцn.

another, votik.

ans, some [people].

answer, gesag, gepьk.

to answer, gesagцn, gepьkцn.

ape, lep.

apod, apple.

to appear, jinцn.

appetite, pцtit.

apple, apod.

appropriate, pцtik.

{April, folul,


arbitrary, vьlik.

arch, bob.

archbishop, lebijop.

arithmetic, kalav.

arm, lam.

army, milit.

around, zi.

article, laltьg.

artillery, kдnem.

as, as, in the capacity of.

as, as, дs.

to ascend, xдnцn.

ascent, xдn.

to be ashamed, jemцn.

Asia, Silop.

to ask, sдkцn.

ass, cuk.

assembly, lasam.

assistance, yьf.

to assure, fцserцn.

to be astonished, stunцn.

at, this, this one.

at, len.

ataflano, on this side.

to attach, yьmцn.

to attend, senitцn.

attention, senit.

August, jцlul.

Australia, Talop.

Austria, Lцstakin.

author, lautel.

authority, riget.

Autumn, flukatim.

avarice, monдl.

avaricious, monдlik.

to avoid, vitцn.

to await, valadцn.

ayelo, this year.



дdelo, yesterday.

дl, towards.

дs, as, similarly to.



ba, perhaps.

bachelor, nepematel.

back, bдk.



bafц ! bravo !

bafom, uniformity.

bag, sak.

{to bake,


bal, one, 1.

-ad, union.

-am, agreement.

-ik, simple.

-цn, to unite.

balib, beard.

balid, first.

balna, once.

bals, ten.

balsid, tenth.

balul, January.

balьdel, Sunday.

bam, bench.

ban, bath.

bank, lebцb.

baon, nobility (of birth).

-el, nobleman, baron.

bap, lowness.

barrel, tub.

bath, ban.

battle, pug.

bдk, back.

bдlat, pasture.

bдled, age, old age.

-an, old man.

-ik, old.

-at, antiquity.

-atik, antiquated.

to be, binцn.

beard, balib.

beat, happincss.

-ik, happy.

beautiful, jцnik.

beauty, jцn.

to become, vedцn.


bee, bien.

beer, bil.

before, bifь, bufь, bьfь.

beforehand, biseo.

befulцn, to fill (an order).

to beg, lubegцn.

beg, request.

begin, beginning.

-цn, to begin.

to begin, beginцn.

beginning, begin.

behind, po.

behold, ekц !

bei, by, passing.

beit, bite, -цn.

bekip, keeping.

-цn, to keep.

bekцn, to beseech.

bel, mountain.

Belgium, Beljдn.

belief, klцd.

to believe, klцdцn.

Beljдn, Belgium.

bell, glцk.

to belong, lцnцn [eke].

ben, grace.

bench, bam.

to bend, blegцn.

benovip, congratulation.

to beseech, bekцn.

beside, nebь.

besides, plд.

betikдlam, enthusiasm.

between, bevь.

bevь, between, among.

bevьnetik, international.



bid, kind, sort.

biedik, bitter.

bien, bee.

bifь, before (in place).

bigik, thick.

bijop, bishop.

bijut, jewel.

bil, beer.

bill of exchange, cдnapened.

bim, tree.

binцn, to be.

bird, bцd.

biseo, beforehand.

bishop, bijop.

bisiedal, president (of Republic).

bisiedel, president (of a Society).

bisilab, prefix (foresyllable).

bit, process.

bite, beit.

Bitterness, bied.

bizug, advantage.

-am, preference.

-цn, to prefer.

black, blдgik.

{blam, -цn,


blд- (prefix), black-.

blдgik, black.

ble- (prefix), short-,

bled, leaf (of tree or paper).

blefik, short, brief

blegцn, to bend.

bleinik, blind.

blekцn, to break.

bletimo, a short time ago

blibцn, to remain.

blig, duty.

-ik, obligatory.

blim, equipment.

blind, bleinik.

blinцn, to bring.

blod, brother.

-дt, fraternity.

-ik, fraternal.

blonik, brown.

blood, blud.

blцf, proof.

blцt, breast.

blud, blood.

blue, yulibik.

bluf, test.

blьf, trial.

blьnцn, to deliver, supply.

bo, doubtless.

boad, wood.

boat, bot.

bob, bow, arch.

bod, bread.

bodily, kopik.

body, kop.

bofik, both.

bog, box.

bolit, politics.

-el, politician.

bom, bone.

bond, fetan.

bone, bom.

boned, order, subscription.

-цn, to order, subscribe.

book, buk.

boot, but.

bos, something.

bot, boat.

both, bofik.

bottle, flad.

bov, dish.

box, bog.

boy, pul.

bцd, bird.

bцlad, burden.

bцset, noise.

bцtel, waiter.

bravo! bafo !

bread, bod.

to break, blekцn.

breast, blцt.

bridge, pon.

brief, blefik.

brilliance, nid (-ik).

brilliancy, klat.

to bring, blinцn.



brother, blod.

brown, blonik.

bufь, before (in precedence)

to build, bumцn.

buk, book.

bumцn, to build.

bun, leap.

-цn, to leap.

bundan, abundance.

burden, bцlad.

bureau, bьr.

to burn, filedцn.

business, jдf.

but, ab, sod.

but, boot.

butter, mileg.

button, gnob.

bьd, command, order, -цn.

bьfь, before (in time).

bьk, impression.

-цn, to print.

-el, printer.

bьr, bureau, office.

by, a, bei, fa, dub.

by means of, dub.



cal, office (function).

-el, all official, functionary.

-ik, official (adjectiv).

calculation, kalam.

calendar, kaled.

to call, vokцn.

to call back, gevokцn.

can, merchandise.

I can, kanob.

Canada, Kanadдn.

candor, kдnьd.

capable, fдgik.

capital, katad.

captain, katan.

card, kad.

care, kдl, kud.

carriage, vab.

to carry, polцn.

case, fal.

cash, kдd.

castle, kased.

cat, kat.

to catch, fanцn.

Catholic, katolik.

cause, kod.

cдd, distinction, eminence.

cдl, employment, situation.

-am, appointment, inauguration into office.

cдn, exchange (of money).

-apened, bill of exchange.

cedцn, to consider, deem.

cek, check (draft).

cellar, kav.

cem, room.

cen, change, variation. -цn.

cent, sentab.

central, zenodik.

centre, zenod.

century, yeltum.

chair, stul.

champagne, jamдnavin.

change, cen.

to change, cenцn.

chance, fдd.

character, kalad.

cheap, nedelidik.

cheese, fцmad.

check, cek.

chemist, kiemavel.

chemistry, kiemav.

cherished, divik.

chess, cцg.

chestnut, kдtan.

chief, cif.

child, cil.

China, Cinдn.

chivalry, montiдl.

Christian, krit, kritik.

church, glьg.

cif, chief, director.

cigar, zigad.

cil, child.

cin, machine.

Cinдn, China.

cinьfad, mechanism.

cipher, zьf.

circuit, zьm.

cit, deception, -цn.

civilization, kuliv.

class, klad.

clerk, konodel.

climate, klьm.

clock, glok.

to close, jцtцn.

cloth, klцf.

clothes, klots.

club, klub.

coarse, globik.

coat, gun.

coffee, kaf.

cog, joke.

coin, kцn.

cold, kalod.

to collect, konletцn.

collection, konlet.

colony, kolun.

color, kцl.

column, kolьm.

combat, komip.

to come, kцmцn.

command, bьd.

commerce, ted.

common, tugedik.

company, kopanцm.

compassion, kelied.

to compose, lautцn.

to compel, mьtцn.

complaint, plon.

complete, lefulnik.

compliment, plim, -цn.

complimentary, plimik.

to concentrate, kezenodцn.

concerning, .

condition, stip.

conduct, kodцt.

to confess, koefцn.

confession, koef.

confidence, konfid.

confusion, kofud.

conflagration, filed.

congratulation, benovip.

Congress, kongef.

connection, fetan.

conscience, kosien.

consequence, klud, sek.

to consider, cedцn.

consideration, konsid.

consolation, tlod.

consul, konsal.

to consume, kцsumцn.

contented, kotenik.

contentment, koten.

contents, nin.

continuation, fov.

to continue, fovцn.

to convalesce, saunцn.

conversation, musam.

to convince, suadцn.

cook, kukel.

to cook, kukцn.

copper, koped.

copy, samad, depenдd.

cordial, ladlik.

corner, gul.

corpse, fun.

to correct, menodцn.

correction, menod, menodam.

to correspond, spodцn.

correspondence, spod, spodam.

costly, delidik.

to count, numцn.

counting-room, konod.

cotton, kotin.

country, laned, lдn.

courage, lanim.

cousin, kцsel.

cover, teg, -цn.

cow, kun.

coward, temipel.

cцd, justice.

-el, judge.

-цn, to judge.

cцg, chess

cцtif, responsibilily.

cradle, kled.

to create, jafцn.

creation, jaf, jafam.

credit, klцdat.

crime, klim.

critic, krьtel.

criticism, krьt.

crown, klon.

cuk, ass.

culture, kuliv.

cun, fast, abstinence from food.

cup, kцp.

a curiosity, makab.

custom, kцsцm.

cut, kцt.

cьn, chin.



da, through (literally).

dabal, singleness.

daduk, education (-цn).

dagik, dark, obscure.

dalogцn, to perceive.

dalцn, to dare.


damage, dдm.

damat, drama.

dan, thanks.

-цn [eke], to thank.

dance, danьd.

danger, pцlig.

danьd, dance

to dare, dalцn.

dark, dagik.

das, that (conjunction).

dat, that, in order that.

date, dдt, -цn.

datuv, invention.

day, del.

dдl, permission.

-цn, to permit.

dдm, damage.

dдt, date, -цn.

de, from.

deaf, sud.

dear, delidik, lцfik.

death, deil.

deb, debt,

-цn, to owe.

-ik, due.

debt, deb.

deceit, cit.

to deceive, citцn.

December, batul (balsetelul).

to decline, deklinцn.

decoration, dek.

dedil, portion, department.

deep, dibik.

def, lack, deficiency.

defect, dцf.

deficiency, def.

definit, fьmik.

degol, departure.

deil, death.

-цn, to die.

dek, decoration.

dekal, discount.

deklinцn, to decline (grammatically).

dekul = batul.

del, day.

delay, fezog.

delдgцn, to depend.

delicate, zadik.

delidik, dear, costly.

to deliver, blьnцn.

demag, portrait.

demal, emblem.

{deman, -цn.


dem[ь], on account of, by reason of.

den, sword.

deno, nevertheless, still.

denu, again.

depad, dispatch.

departure, degol.

depenдd, copy, transcript.

depenцn, to copy, to transcribe.

to depend, delдgцn.

depth, dib.

derivation, licin.

desдn, design (intention).

to deserve, melidцn.

desid, desire, -цn.

design, desдn, desin.

desin, design (premeditation).

desire, desid.

despair, dev.

destination, disein.

det, right (hand).

{detail, retail,


Deut, Germany.

-ik, German.

dev, despair.

devoted, divodik.

devotion, divod.

dib, depth.

-ik, deep.

dictionary, vцdasbuk

to die, deilцn.

dif, difference.

-ik, different

difference, dif.

difficult, fikulik.

difficulty, fikul.

diffusion, pakam.

dig, worthiness, -ik.

dignity, dinit.

dik, dictation.

dikod, quarrel.

dil, part.

dilek, administration.

-el, director.

din, thing, affair.

-amaf, proportion.

dinit, dignity.



to direct one's self, lьodцn.

director, cif, dilekel.

dis, down.

discount, rabat, dekal.

disease, malдd.

disein, destination.

dish, bov.

dishonor, nestim, -цn.

disislifцn, to slide down.

disopen, signature.

-цn, to subscribe.

dispatch, depad.

distin, distinction (between things).

-цn, to distinguish.

distinction, cдd, distin.

disturbance, tup (-цn).

div, treasure.

-ik, cherished, esteemed.

divod, devotion.

-ik, devoted.

dlan, shove, push, -цn.

dled, fear, -цn.

dlefцn, to hit.

dlemцn, to tremble.

dlen, tear.

-цn, to weep.

dlim, dream, -цn.

dlin, drink, -цn.

do, though.

to do, dunцn.

doab, dollar, $.

dob, duplicity.

-ik, false.

doctor, dokel.

doer, dunel.


dokel, doctor.

dol, grief.

dollar, doab.

dom, house.

donation, legiv.

door, yan.

dot, doubt, -цn.

dot, pьnil.

doubt, dot, -цn.

down, dis.

, of, about, concerning.

dцbik, wrong, incorrect.

dцdel = lulьdel.

dцf, fault, defect.

dцk, duck.

dцl, idea.

draft, tlat.

drama, damat.

to draw, zugцn.

dream, dlim, -цn.

drink, dlin, -цn.



drop, tof.

du, during, while.

dub, through, by means of.

dugцn, to guide, direct.

duin, efficiency.

-цn, to effect, perform.

duke, dьk.

dukiel, guide.

dukцn, to guide, lead.

dul, duration.

-ik, durable.

-цn, to last.

dumb, muedik.

dun, act.

-цn, to do, act.

-el, doer.

dut, industry, application.

-ik, industrious.

duplicity, dob.

durable, dulik.

duration, dul.

during, du.

dustod, industry.

-ik, industrial.

duty, blig.

,,duzukцn,’’ to flash through.

dьfik, hard.

dьk, duke.

dьlin, steel.

dьnan, servant.

dьnцn, to serve.

dьp, hour.

dьv, appraisal.

to dwell, lцdцn.



e, and.

ear, lil.

earth, tal.

ease, nefikul.

east, lefьd.

easy, nefikulik.

to eat, fidцn.

eb, ebo, just, just now.

edelo, day before yesterday.

edition, segivam.

editor, redakel.

to educate, dadukцn.

educated, estudik.

education, daduk[am].

effeminate, luvomik.

egelo, always.

egg, nцg.

eight, jцl.

either, uf.

ek, somebody, someone.

ekц ! behold !

ekusi ! see there !

to elect, vдlцn, sevдlцn.

electricity, lektin.

elephant, nelfan.

emblem, demal.

emperor, limep.

to employ, cдlцn.

employee, pecдlel.

empty, vagik.

end, fin.

endeavor, steif, -цn.

to endure, sufцn.

England, Nelij (-el, -ik).

to engrave, gavцn.

to enjoy, juitцn.

enough, sдtik.

enthusiasm, betikдlam.

envelope, kцv.

equal, leigik.

equality, leig.

equipment, blim.

equity, git.

to erect, leblimцn.

to establish, stabцn.

esteem, stьm.

esteemed, divik.

estudik, educated.

et, that (demonstrativ).

eternity, tenal.

Europe, Yulop.

European, yulopik, yulopel.

evelo, ever.

even, sдgo.

evening, vendel.

ever, evelo.

every, alik.

every one, alim.

examination, xam (-цn).

example, sam.

except, sesumь.

exception, sesum.

exchange, cдn, tцk, -цn.

to excuse, sekusadцn.

exercise, plдg.

to exist, sibinцn.

existence, sibin.

expenditure, segiv.

to explain, seplдnцn.

explanation, seplдn.

eye, log.



fa, by (agent).



fablьd, manufactory.

fact, jen.

fad, thread.

fag, remoteness.

-ik, far, distant.

fairy, feof.

faithful, fiedik.

fal, fan, case.

-цn, to fall.

-o, in case.

fan, fal.

to fan, falцn.

false, dobik.





fancy, fan.

fanцn, to catch.

far, fagik.

to fast, cunцn.

to fasten, yьmцn.

fat, father.

fat, pin, pinik, pien, pienik.

fate, fдt.

fatel, grandfather.

father, fat.

to fatigue, fenцn.

fault, dцf, pцk.

favor, gцn, -цn.

fдd, chance, accident.

fдgik, capable.

fдlo, further, any more.

fдlцn, to overturn, cause to fall.

fдn, fancy.

fдt, fate.

fe, indeed.

fear, dled, -цn.

feb, trade, profession.

February, telul.

febul = telul.

{ fed,

federation, league.}

to feel, senцn.

fefik, serious.

fein, fineness, -ik.

feit, fight, -цn.

fek, affection.

fel, field.

fellow-worker, kevobel.

feminin, jilik.

fenig, one-hundredth of a mark, pfennig.

fenцn, to weary, fatigue.

feof, fairy.

fertile, fetik.

festival, zдl.

festun, wreath.

fet, fertility.

fetan, bond, connexion.

-amal, hyphen.

fever, fif.

few, nemцdik.

fezog, delay.

fiam, firm-name.

fib, weakness, -ik.

fid, food.

-цn, to eat.

fiedik, faithful.

field, fel, feil.

fien, interest (on money).

fif, fever.

fifth, luldil ; 1/5, lulid.

fikul, difficulty, -ik.

fil, fire.

filed, fire, conflagration, burning (of an house).

fight, feit, -цn.

Fikop, Africa, -ik.

filedцn, to burn.

to fill (an order), befulцn.

fimik, firm.

fin, end.

-ik, final.

final, finik.



finap, toe.

to find, tuvцn.

fine, feinik.

fineness, fein.



fire, fil, filed.

firm, fimik, fiam.

first, balid.



five, lul.

flad, bottle.

{flam, -цn,


flan, side, page.

flapцn, to strike.

to flash through, ,,duzukцn.’’



to flee, fugцn.

flekцn, to bend.

flen, friend,

-ik, -ly.

-ьg, friendship.

Flent, France.

-el, Frenchman.

-ik, French.

-apьk, French [language].

flesh, mid.

flidel = mдlьdel.

flifik, fresh.

flight, flit.

flit, flight.

-цn, to fly.

-ad, wing.

flock, jep.

flol, flower.

-atim, spring [time].



flotцn, to freeze (transitiv).

flour, meil.

flower, flol.

fluk, fruit.

-atim, autumn.

flul, floor.

flum, river.

flun, influence, -цn.

to fly, flitцn.

foetдbs, savages.

foetik, wild.

fogin, foreign country

-el, foreigner.

fok, fork.

fol, four.

foldil, fourth, 1/4, quarter.

to follow, sukцn.

fom, form, -цn.

fon, spring (of water).

fonetig, phonetics.

food, fid, zib.

fool, fop.

foot, fut.

fop, fool.

for, plo, pla, demь, du.

force, nдm.

foreign, foginik.

foreigner, foginel.

forest, fot.

to forget, fцgetцn.

to forgive, fцgivцn.

forgiveness, fцgiv.

fork, fok.

form, fom, -цn.

fortunate, lдbik.

fot, forest, woods.

four, fol.

fourth, 1/4, foldil.

fov, continuation.

-цn, to continue.

-ik, immediate.

-iko, immediately, "right away."

fцd, furthering, advancing,


fцget, oblivion.

-цn, to forget.

fцgiv, forgiveness (-цn).

fцmad, cheese.

fцn, stove.

fцsefцn, to assure.



France, Flent.

fraternity, blodдt.

to freeze, flotцn.

French, flentik.

the French language, flentapьk.

Frenchman, flentel.

frequent, ofenik.

fresh, flifik.

friend, flen.

friendly, flenik.

friendship, flenьg.

fright, tlep.

to frighten, tlepцn.


from, de.

frugal, spдlik.

fruit, fluk.

fugцn, flee.



fun, corpse.

-цn, to kill.

furniture, mцbs.

further, fдlo.

fut, foot.

future (adjectiv) , fьdik.

{future (noun),


fьdik, future, coming.

fьmik, definit.



ga, indeed.

gad, garden.

-el, gardener.

galцn, to watch.

gan, goose.

garden, gad.

gardener, gadel.

garment, klot.

gas, gasin.

gased, newspaper.

gasin, gas.

gav, engraving (the art).

gдl, joy.

-od, pleasure.

-цnok, to rejoice.

geb, use, -цn.

gedik, gray.

geil, hight.

-ik, high.

gel, organ (musical).

gelьt, inheritance.

gen, gender.

genal, genera, (officer).

gender, gen.

general, valemik, genal.

generous, givik.

{genial, a man of


gentle, molik.

gepьk, reply, -цn.

German, deutik, deutel.

Germany, Deut.

gesag, answer, -цn.

gesture, vineg.

get, reception,

-цn, to receive,

getapenдd, receipt, voucher.

gevokцn, to call back.

git, right, equity.

gift, giv.

giv, gift.

-ik, generous.

-цn [bosi eke], to give.

to give, givцn [bosi eke].

glad, ice.

glamat, grammar.

glass, glдt, glдtik.

glatik, gratultous.

glдt, glass.

-ik, [made of] glass.

gle- (prefix), great.

gleinцn, to grind.

gleip, grasp, -цn.

glen, grain.

glet, greatness.

-ik, great.

glezif, great city.

glid, greeting.

-цn, to greet, to salute.

glif, grief.

to glitter, nidцn.

globe, glцp.

globik, coarse.

glof, vegetable substance.

-цn, to grow.

glok, clock, or watch, timepiece.

glol, glory.

gloom, glum

glory, glol.

glow, glut.

glцk, bell.

glцp, globe.

glum, gloom.

glun, ground.

glup, group.

glut, glow, -цn.

glьg, church.

glьnik, green.

gnob, button.

to go, golцn.

to go out, segolцn.


gold, golьd.

golden, golьdik.

golцn, to go.

golьd, gold.

gonцn, to run.

good, gudik.

good fortune, lдb.

goodness, gud.

goose, gan.


gov, government.

-цn, to govern.

to govern, govцn.

government, gov.

, even.

gцdel, morning.

gцn, favor, -цn.

grace, ben, venud.

grade, slep.

gradual, pianik.

grain, glen.

grammar, glamat.

grandfather, fatel.

grasp, gleip, -цn.

grass, yeb.

gratultous, glatik.

gray, gedik.

great, gletik.

greatness, glet.

green, glьnik.

to greet, glidцn.

greeting, glid.

grief, dцl, glif.

to grind, gleinцn.

ground, glun.

group, glup.

to grow, glofцn.

guarantee, spon.

gud, goodness.

-ik, good.

to guess, rдtцn.

guest, lot.

gug, throat.

gulde, dukiel.

to gulde, dugцn, dukцn.

gultar, zьt.

gun, coat.

gun, gьn.

gustul = jцlul.

gut, taste.

gьmnad, gymnasium, college.

gьn, gun.

gymnasium (college), gьmnad.



hair, hel.

half, laf, teldil.

hand, nam.

handkerchief, nudod.

to hang, lдgцn, lagцn.

hap, harp.

happiness, beat, lдb.

happy, beatik.

hard, dьfik.

harp, hap.

haste, spid.

to hasten, spidцn.

hat, hдt.

hate, het.

to hate, hetцn.

haughty, pleidik.

to have, labцn.

hдt, hat.

he, om.

health, saun.

healthful, saunlik.

healthy, saunik.

head, kap.

heap, kum.

to hear, lilцn.

heart, lad.

heat, hit.

heaven, sil, sьl.

hel, hair.

help, yuf, -цn.

here, is.

hero, jamep.

herself, of it.

to hesitate, zogцn.

het, hate, -цn.

to hide, sдvцn.

high, geilik.

hight, geil.

himself, om it.

hit, heat.

-ik, hot.

to hit, dlefцn.

hitherto, jьnu.

hog, hole.

hog, svin.

to hold, kipцn.

hole, hog.

Holland, Nedдn.

home, lom.

hon, horn.

honor, lestim.

honor, stim, -цn.

hook, huk.

hope, spel, -цn.

horn, hon.

horse, jeval.

hospitality, lotad.

host, lotel.

hot, hitik.

hotel, loted.

hour, dьp.

house, dom.

how ? liko ? lio- ?

hult, oyster.

huk, hook.

human, menik.

humanity, menad.

hundred, tum.

hunger, pцtьt.

to hunt, yagцn.

husband, matel.

hyphen, fetanamal.



i, also (id).

I, ob.

ibo, for (because).

ice, glad.

idea, dцl.


ill, malдdik.

illness, malдd.

image, mag.

immediate, fovik.

immediately, foviko.

immortality, nedeilцf.

impression, bьk.


is, here.

inclination, klin.

inclination, slop.

to incline, slopцn.

inconceivable, nesuemik.

indeed, vo.

Indian, nidian.

influence, flun.

industrial, dustodik.

industrious, dutik.

industry, dut, dustod.

to inform, nьnцn.

to inherit, gelьtцn.

iniquity, negit.

instead, pla.

institution, stit.

instruction, tid, -am.

instrument, stum.

intellect, kapдl.

interest, nited, fien.

international, bevьnetik.

interruption, rop (-цn).

invention, datuv.

iron, lel.

island, nisul.

it, -self.

it, om, os.

Italian, tдlel, tдlik.

Italy, Tдl.



jad, shadow.

jaf, creation.

-цn, to create.

jal, shell.

jalep, severity.

jamдnavin, champagne.

jamep, hero.

January, balul.

jap, sharpness.

-ik, sharp.

jдf, business.

jedцn, to throw.

jek, terror.

jel, shelter, protection, -цn.

jem, shame.

-цn, to be ashamed.

jemad, scheme, plan.

jep, flock.

jen, fact.

jeval, horse.

Jew, yudel.

jewel, bijut.

Jewish, yudik.

jilik, feminin.

jim, scissors, shears.

jin, appearance.

-цn, to appear.

jip, sheep.

jireg, queen.

jitidel [female] teacher.

jok, thrust.

-цn, to thrust.

joke, cog.

jol, shore.

jonцn, to show, point.

jonels, hands of a watch.

journey, tдv.

joy, gдl, yof.

jцl, eight.

jцnik, beautiful.

jцtцn, to close, conclude.

judge, cцdel.

to judge, cцdцn.

jueg, sugar.

jult, enjoyment.

juk, shoe.

jul, school.

-el, scholar.

July, velul.

June, mдlul.

just, eb.

justice, cцd.

jutцn, to shoot.

, till.

jьf, cipher, cryptogram.

jьnu, till now, hitherto.



ka, than.

kad, card.

kadem, academy.

-al, academician.

kaf, coffce.

kal, account.

-av, arithmetic.

-цn, to calculate.

kalad, character.

kaled, calendar.

kalod, cold.

kan, art.

Kanadдn, Canada.

kanit, song.

-цn, to sing.

kanob, I can, I am able.

kanцn, to be able.

kap, head.

-дl, intellect.

-дlцn, to understand.

kased, castle.

kat, cat.

katad, capital (investment).

katan, captain.

katolik, catholic.

kautц ! look out, be careful.

kav, cellar.

kazet, accent.

kдd, cash, -цn.

kдl, care.

kдnem, artillery.

kдnьd, candor.

kдtan, chestnut.

ked, row, rank,

to keep, bekipцn.

kel, who, which.

kelied, compassion.

keolцn, to address a person by the pronoun ol (instead of the ceremonial form ons formerly used).

ket, chain.

kevobel, fellow-worker.

key, kik.

kezenodцn, to concentrate.

kid, kiss, -цn.

kiemav, chemistry.

-el, chemist.

kif ? who ? (feminin).

kik, key.

-цn, to shut.

kiss, kid.

kikod ? why ?

kil, three.

kildil, third, 1/3.

to kill, funцn.

kim ? who ?

-id ? what, in numerical order ?

-ik ? what kind of ?

kimfal, kimafal, kimefal, kimifal, names of the cases.

kin, boldness.

kinдn, kingdom or empire, realm.

kind, bid.

king, reg.

kiom ? which ? which one ?

kiцp ? where ?

kiplad ? where ?

-i ? whither ?

kipцn, to hold.

kis ? what?

kitchen, kuk.

kiьp ? when ?

klad, class.

klat, brilliancy, distinction, -ik.

klдn, seeret.

kled, cradle.

klig, war.

klil, clear.

klim, crime.

klin, inclination.

klon, crown.

klop, crop.

klot, garment.

klцd, belief.

-цn, to believe.

-at, credit.

klцf, cloth.

klub, society, club.

klud, consequence, conclusion.

kluf, nail.

klьm, climate.

knife, neif.

knight, montiel.

knot, snob.

to know, nolцn.

to know, sevцn.

knowledge, nol.

ko, with.

kod, cause.

kodem, condemnation.

kodцt, conduct.

koef, conression, -цn.

kof, ridicule.

kofud, confusion.

kolun, colony.

kolьm, column.

komed, recommendation.

-цn, to recommend.

komip, combat.

komit, order, commission.

komplig, complication.

kon, story, tale.

konfid, confidence.

konlet, collection, -цn.

konod, counting-room.

-el, clerk.

konsal, consul.

konsдl, advice.

konsefцn, to preserve.

konsid, consideration.

konsien, conscience.

konzed, concert.

kop, body.

-ik, bodily.

kopan, act of accompanying.

-al, companion, member.

-el, partner.

-цm, company (mercantile).

koped, copper.

kosien, conscience.

kostцn, to cost.

koten, contentment, -ik.

kotin, cotton.

, where.

kцd, sculpture.

kцdutцn, to hire.

kцdьtцn, to let for hire.

kцl, color.

kцmцn, to come.

kцn, coin.

kцp, cup.

kцsцm, custom.

kцsel, cousin.

kцsumцn, to consume.

kцt, cut.

kцv, envelope.

krit, [a] christian.

krьt, criticism.

-el, critic.

kud, care (of the sick), -цn, -ik.

kuk, kitchen.

-el, cook.

-цn, to cook.

kulad, precision.

kuliv, civilization, culture.

kum, heap.

kun, cow.

kusad, accusation.

, when.

kь- (prefix), cubic.

kьb, cube.



labedцn, to possess.

labцn, to have.

lad, heart.

-lik, cordial.

ladet, address (of letter), -цn.

ladyek, adjectiv.

lack, def.

lady, lдd.

laf, half.

lafab, alphabet.

lafik, half.

lagцn, to hang (intransitiv).

lain, wool.



lakif, share of stock, bond.

laltьg, article (in periodical).

lam, arm.

lamb, liдm.

lan, soul.

land, lдn.

laned, country (not town).

-ik, rural.

lanel, angel.

language, pьk.

lanim, courage.

lapin, robbery.

-цn, to rob.

lasam, Assembly, Convention, Congress.

last, lдtik.

to last, dulцn.

lasum, reception.

-цn, to receive (a person).

lat, late, tardy.

laugh, smil.

late, lat.

laundry, viцtцp.

laut, authorship.

-el, author.

-цn, to compose.

lavogel, advocate, attorney.

law, lon.

lawyer, lavogel.

to lay, seitцn.

lazy, nedutik.

lдb, happiness, good fortune.

-ik, fortunate.

lдd, lady.

lдgцn, to hang [anything].

lдn, land (not water), country (one’s own).

lдsev, approval.

lдtik, last.

leaf, bled.

leak, voad.

leap, bun, -цn.

to learn, lenadцn.

leather, skit.

to leave, letцn.

lebijop, archbishop.

leblimцn, to establish, erect.

lebцb, bank.

ledik, red.

left, nedet.

leful, perfection.

-ik, perfect.

-nik, complete.

lefьd, east.

leg, authenticity.

legiv, present, gift.

legudik, very good.

leig, equality.

-ik, equal.

leil, mile.

leit, lightness (not heavy), -ik.

lektin, electricity.

lel, iron.

-od, railroad.

lelit, lightning.

lem, [a] purchase.

-цn, to buy.

-acem, store, shop.

lemдn, remAinder.

lemuf, shake.

len, at.

lenad, learning.

-цn, to learn.

length, loned.

leno, not at all, no indeed.

lenpьk, address (speech).

leod, order, arrangement.

-ik, orderly.

lep, ape.

leplekцn, to worship.

lesevam, recognition.

lesi, yes certainly.

leson, prince.

lesson, tidьp.

lestim, honor.

letцn, to leave.

letter, tonab, pened.

leьl, oil.

levemol, very much indeed.

lezif, city.

li ? indicates a question.

liab, linen.

liдm, lamb.

liдn, line (of poetry), verse.

liдt, litre.

lib, liberty, freedom.

-ik, free.

liberty, lib.

licin, derivation.

to lie, seistцn.

lieb, vine.

lied, pain.

lieg, riches, wealth.

-ik, rich, wealthy.

lielцn, to listen.

lien, line (from one point to another).

lieutenant, liцtan.

liev, hare.

lif, life.

-ik, alive.

-цn, to live.

life, lif.

to lift, tovцn.

lig, liquor.

light (noun), lit.

light (not heavy), leitik.

lightning, lelit,

liko ? how ?

likцf, quality.

lil, ar.

-цn, to hear.

lilдdцn, to read.


limb, member.}

limep, emperor.

lin, ring.

line, lien.

lined, interior.

lineg, tongue.

linen, liab.

linkip = lotel.

lio- ? how ?

liцtan, lieutenant.


liquor, lig.

lisдl, reason.



to listen, lielцn.

lit, light (illumination).



litre, liдt.

to live, lifцn.

livik, loose.

living, lifik.

lo, in front of.

load, lod.

lob, praise, -цn.

lobed, obedience (-цn).

locality, top.

lod, load.

loeg, observation (-цn).

lof, offer, -цn.

log, eye.

-цn, to see.

logic, tikav.

lok, mirror.

lol, rose.

lom, home (native country).

lon, law.

loned, length.

-ik, long.

long, lonedik.

look out ! kautц !

loose, livik.

lop, opera.

lord, sцlal.

loss, pцlьd.

lot, guest.

-ad, hospitality.

-el, host, entertainer.

-adцn, to receive hospitality.

-ed, hotel.

lotogaf, orthography.

love-, over-.

love, lцf, -цn.

lovegivцn, to hand over, to present.

lovely, lцflik.

lovepolцn, to translate.


low, inaudible.}

low, bapik.

lцdцn, to live, dwell.

lцf, love.

-цn, to love.

-ik, dear.

-lik, lovely.

lцg, leg.

lцlik, whole.

lцmib, rain.

lцnik, own proper.

lцnцn [eke], to belong.

lцnef, peculiarity.

lцnug, idiom.

lцp, top.

Lцstakin, Austria.

lubegel, beggar.

lufat, step-father.

lugiv, loan.

luib, wheel.

lul, five.

lulak, swamp.

luldil, fifth, 1/5.

lusanel, quack-doctor.

Lusдn, Russia.

-el, Russian.

lusцlel, tyrant.

lut, air.

luumo, less.

luьno, least.

luvelat, probability.

luvomik, effeminate.

lьdik, rude.

lьedik, raw.

lьen, degree.

lьod, direction (towards).

lьvцn, to quit, leave, abandon.

lьxam, luxury.



ma, in conformity with.

mab, marble.

machine, cin.

mad, ripe.

Madam, vom.

maeg, illustration.

maf, measure.

-od, moderation.

mag, image, representation.



to mail, potцn.

majesty, mayed.

mak, mark (German money).

makab, curiosity, wonderful thing.

-ik, remarkable.

to make, mekцn.

malдd, sickness, illness.

-ik, sick, ill.

male, manik.

malit, market.

man, man (not woman).

-ik, male, masculin.

-lik, manly.

man, man, men.

manif, openness.

-цn, to open.

-цf, publicity.

manly, manlik.

manufactory, fablьd.

many, mцdik.

marble, mab.

March, kilul.

mark (money), mak.

market, malit.

marriage, mat.

to marry, matцn.

masculin, manik.



mat, marriage.

-el, husband.

-цn, to marry.

-adit, divorce.



matter, stцf.

May, lulul.

mayed, majesty.

mayul = lulul.

mдk, postage stamp.

mдkab, celebrity, -ik.

mдl, six.

mдlьdel, Friday.

mдzul = kilul.

me, with, by means of.

means, med.

measure, maf.

meat, mit.

meb, recollection.

med, means.





meil, flour.

mekцn, to make.

mel, sea.

melak, traffic.

melid, merit.

-цn, to deserve.



Melop, America.

mem, memory.

-цn, to remember.

memory, mem, meb.

men, man (human being).

-ad, humanity.

-ik, human.

menod, correction, -цn.

merchandise, can.

merchant, tedel.

mercy, misal.

merit, melid, -цn.

mesed, reward, -цn.

met, metre (39 inches).


metre, met.

mid, flesh.

mid-day, zendel.

middle, zenod.

mied, boundary.

miegik, meek.

miel, honey.

mig, mixture.

migration, tev.

mil, thousand.

milag, wonder.

mileg, butter.

milig, milk.

milit, army.

-дl, military spirit.

-ik, military.

military, militik.

milk, milig.

mill, mьl.

min, mineral.

-av, mineralogy.

mind, tikдl.

mineral, min.



miot, dirt.

mirror, lok.

misalad, mercy.

miser, monдlan.

mistake, pцk.

Mister, Sцl.

mit, meat.

to mix, migцn.

mob, proposal.

-цn, to propose.

mobin, absence.



mofь, outside of.

mol, gentleness.

molad, fashion.

mon, money.

-дl, avarice.

-дlan, miser.



monedцn, to warn, admonish.

money, mon.

monitцn, to ride on horseback.

month, mul.

montiдl, chivalry.

montiel, knight, chevalier.

moon, mun.

morning, gцdel.

mostep, progress, -цn.

mot, mother.

-apьk, mother-tongue.

mother, mot.

mountain, bel.

mouse, mug.

month, mud.

movement, muf.

mцb, piece of furniture.

mцd, quantity, multitude.

-ik, many, much.

-umik, several.

mцgik, possible.

mцlod, murder.

mцn, wall.

mud, mouth.

muedik, mute, dumb.

muf, movement.

-цn, to move.

mug, mouse.

mul, month.

multitude, mцd.

mun, moon.

mundel = telьdel.

murmur, mьr.

musam, conversation.



mute, muedik.

mutцn, to be compelled.

mutob, I must.

mьedik, soft.

mьl, mill.

mьr, murmur, -цn.

mьtцn, to compel.

myself, ob it.



na, after (conjunction, not preposition).

nab, narrowness.

nad, needle, pin.

naf, ship.

nag, same as na (before a vowel).

nail, kluf.

nam, hand.

name, nem, -цn.

narrow, nabik.

nat, nature.

-ik, natural.

nation, net.

national, netik.

natural, natik.

nature, nat.

nдgцn, to sew.

nдm, force, energy.

near, nilik, nilь.

nearness, nil.

nebin, non-existence.

nebь, beside.

necessity, zesьd.

neck, nцkeb.

ned, need, -цn.

nedanik, ungrateful.

Nedдn, Holland.

nedeilцf, immortality.

nedelidik, cheap.

nedet, left [hand].

nedut, laziness.

need, ned, -цn.

needle, nab.

nef, nephew.

nefikul, ease, facility.

-ik, easy.

neflen, enemy.

negit, wrong.

-ik, wrong, iniquitous.

to neglect, zцgцn.

neif, knife.

neit, night.

neither, ni.

nek, nobody.

nelab, privation.

nelfan, elephant.

Nelij, England.

-el, Englishman.

-ik, English.

-apьk, English language.

nem, name, -цn.

nemцdik, few not much.

nen, without.

nepematel, bachelor, single man.

nephew, nef.

nepьk, silence.

nerve, nev.

nes, without (before infinitiv).

nestim, dishonor, -цn.

nesuemik, inconceivable.

net, nation.

-ik, national.



nev, nerve.

nevertheless, deno.

nevilцn, to refuse.

new, nulik.

news, nun.

newspaper, gased.

ni, neither, nor.

nid, brilliance.

-ik, brilliant.

-цn, to glitter.

Nidian, Indian.

nif, snow, -цn.

-atim, winter.

nig, ink.

night, neit.

nil, nearness, -ik.

niludam, opinion, meaning.

nilь, near (preposition).

nim, animal.

nin, contents.

nine, zьl.

nisul, island.

nited, interest.

-ik, interesting.

niver, university.

no, not, no.

no, no, nonik.

nob, nobility.

-ik, noble.

-aston, precious stone.

nobility, nob.

noble, nobik, baonik.

nobody, nek.

noel, witness.

-цn, to testify.

noetцn, to note.

nog, yet, as yet.

nogan, organ.

noise, bцset.

nol, science, knowledge.

-цn, to know.

-ik, scientific.

nolьd, north.

nom, rule.

none, nonik.

non-existence, nesibin, nebin.

nonik, none, no (adjectiv).

noon, zendel.

nor, ni.

north, nolьd.

nos, nothing.

-цn, to annul.

nose, nud.

not, no.



to note, noetцn.

nothing, nos.

noun, subsat.

nourishment, nulьd.

novelty, nul.

November, babul (balsebalul).

novul = babul.

nцg, egg.

nцk, uncle.

nцkeb, neck.

nud, nose.

-od, handkerchief.

nul, novelty.

-ik, new.

nulьd, nourishment (-цn).

num, number (how many).

-цn, to count.

number, num, -цn, nьm, -цn.

nun, news ;

-od, report.

-цn, to announce.

nьm, number (No.)

nьn, information.



O! oh! (sign or address).

oath, yul.

ob, I.

to obey, lobedцn.

obligatory, bligik.

oblivion, fцget.

observation, loeg.

occasion, pцt.

October, balsul.

odelo, to-morrow.

of, dц, de.

of, she.

offer, lof, -цn.

ofen, often.

-ik, frequent.

ok, one’s self.

ol, you (thou).

office, cal.

official, (noun) calel ; (adjectiv) calik.

often, ofen.

oil, leьl.

old, bдledik.

old age, bдled.

old man, bдledan.

om, he, it.

on, one, people.

on, su.

on account of, dem[ь].

once, balna, vцno.

one, bal, on.

oned, under (in rank).

only, te, lebalik.

open, manifik.

opera, lop.

opinion, niludam.

opportunity, pцt.

or, u, ud.

order, boned, bьd, leod.

to order, bonedцn, bьdцn.

organ, gel, nogan.

origin, rig.

original, rigik.

orthography, lotogaf.

os, it (not referring to any noun).

ot, same.

other, votik.

otul = balsul.

otьpo, at the same time.

ought, sцt[цn].

ourselves, obs it.

out of, se.

outside of, plц, mofь.

to owe, debцn.

own, lцnik.

oyster, huit.





pab, butterfly.

paf, peacock.

pag, village.

page, flan.

pain, lied.

painting, pдn.

pair, pal.

pakam, diffusion (of knowledge).

pal, pair.

palet, party (faction).

panцn, to pawn, .

paper, pцp.

part, dil.

particular, patik.

partisan, zьpel.

party (sect), palet.

patience, sufad.

pap, pope.

patik, special, particular.

patьp, pдtьp, petьp, pitьp, potьp, putьp, names of tenses.



to pawn, panцn.

to pay, pelцn.

pдdel, curate, pastor.

pдk, package.

pдn, painting.

pдt, patent.

peace, pьd.

peacock, paf.

peb, pulse.

Pebaltats, the United States.

pecдlel, employee.

ped, press.

pejin, pigeon, dove.

pelцn, to pay.


-цn, to write.

-ed, letter, epistle.

-дd, writing, written-matter.

people, pop, on.

to perceive, dalogцn.

perfect, lefulnik.

perfection, leful.

perhaps, ba.

permission, dдl.

to permit, dдlцn.

person, pцsod.

to persuade, suadцn.

pesevik, well-known.

phonetics, fonetig.

physician, sanel.

pianik, gradual.

pidцn, to regret.

pien, -ik, fat.

pigeon, pejin.

pin, fat, -ik.

pin, nad.



pla, instead.

place, plad, top.

plad, place (in which to put something).

plag, practice.

plak, experience, -цn.



plat, plane.

plaud, plow.

play, pled, -цn.

plд, besides.

plдg, exercise.

plдn, explanation.

to please, plidцn [eke].

pleasure, gдlod.

pled, play.

-цn, to play.

pleid, haughtiness.

pleit, pride.

plek, prayer.

-цn, to pray.

plepalцn, to prepare.

plidцn [eke], to please.

plidik, agreeable.

plim, compliment.

-ik, complimentary.

-цn, to compliment.

plin, prince.

plisen, presence.

plisip, principle.

plivad, privacy.

plo, for.

plofed, professor.

plon, complaint.

plotet, protest.

plovin, province.

plow, plaud.

ployeg, project.

plц, outside of.

plцpцn, to succeed (but the thing "succeeds" to the person, bos plцpos eke).

plu, more.

plum, lead.

plьt, politeness.

-ik, polite.

po, after, behind.

pocket, pok.

poed, poetry.

-at, poem.

-el, poet.

poem, poedat.

poet, poedel.

poison, venod.

poetry, poed.

point, pьn.

pok, pocket.

pokaglok, watch.

polen, police.

politeness, plьt (-ik).

politics, bolit.

politician, bolitel.

polцn, to carry, wear.

pon, bridge.

poor, pцfik.

pop, people.

pope, pap.

portion, dedil.

portrait, demag.

pos, after (in time).

to possess, labedцn.

possible, mцgik.

postal , potik.

post office, pot.

pot, post (-office).

-цn, to post, mail.

potato, pцtet.

pound (20 shillings), steab.

pound (weight), paun.

power, valьd.

pцf, poverty.

-ik, poor.

pцfьdik, useful.

pцk, fault, mistake.

pцlig, danger.

pцlivegam, a-going astray.

pцlьd, loss.

-цn, to lose.

pцmet, promise.

pцn, punishment.

pцnit, repentance.

pцp, paper.

pцsod, person.

pцt, occasion, opportunity.

-ik, appropriate.

, ol, the occasion of.

pцtet, potato.

pцtit, appetite.

pцtьt, hunger.

pцzet, lawsuit.

practice, plag.

praise, lob, -цn.

to pray, plekцn.

prayer, plek.

prдm, prize.

to preach, predцn.

precise, kuladik.

precision, kulad.

pred, sermon.

-цn, to preach.

to prefer, bizugцn.

preference, bizugam.

prefix, bisilab.

to prepare, plepalцn.

present (gift), legiv.

president, bisiedal, bisiedel.

press, ped.

pretense, simul.

to prevent, viatцn.

pride, pleid.

prince, leson, regason.

principle, plisip.

to print, bьkцn.

printer, bьkel.

private, plivadik.

privation, nelab.

prize, prдm.

probable, luvelatik.

process, bit.

professor, plofed.

progress, mostep, -цn.

project, ployeg.

promise, pцmet, -цn.

proof, blцf.

proposal, mob.

to propose, mobцn.

to protect, jelцn.

protest, plotet, -цn.



province, plovin.

prudent, visedik.

to publish, pьbцn.

publьg, public.

pubцn, to appear, as a new publication.

pug, battle.

pul, boy.

pun, fist.

to punish, pцnцn.

purchase, lem, -цn.

pьblig, republic.

pьbцn, to publish.

pьd, peace.

pьk, language.

-цn, to speak.

(For derivativs, see page 47.)

pьn, point.

-il, dot.



quack, lusanel.

quality, likцf.

quantity, mцd.

quarrel, dikod, feit.

queen, jireg.

question, sдk.

quick, vifik.

quickness, vif.



rabat, discount.

radical, vulik.

rage, zun.

railroad, lelod.

rain, lцmib, -цn.

rarity, seled.

raw, lьedik.

rдt, riddle.

-цn, to guess.

to read, lilдdцn.

reason, lisдl.

receipt, getapenдd.

to receive, getцn.

reception, get, lasum.

reciprocal, rezipik.

recognition, lesevam.

recollection, meb.

to recommend, komedцn.

recommendation, komed.

red, ledik.

redakцn, to edit.

to refuse, nevilцn.

reg, king.

-al, ruler.

-цn, to reign.

to regret, pidцn.

to rejoice, gдlцnok.

rel, religion.

relating to, tefь.

relation, tef.

relativ, tefamik.

religion, rel.

remainder, lemдn.

remarkable, makabik.

to remember, memцn.

remoteness, fag.

to remain, blibцn.

to rent from any one, kцdutцn.

to rent to any one, fцkцdutцn (kцdьtцn).

to repent, pцnitцn.

reply, gepьk, gesag.

to reply, gepьkцn, gesagцn.

report, nunod.

republic, pьblig.

request, beg.

to rescue, savцn.

reticence, seil.

reticent, seilik.



revolution, volut.

reward, mesed.

rezipik, reciprocal.

rich, liegik.

riches, lieg.

to ride, monitцn.

riddle, rдt.

ridicule, kof.

rig, origin.

-ik, original.

riget, authority, control.

right, det, git.

ring, lin.

ripe, mad.

river, flum.

road, veg.

to rob, lapinцn.

robbery, lapin.

Rome, Rom.

room, cem.

root, vul.

rop, interruption.

-цn, to interrupt.

Rom, Rome.

rose, lol.



rude, lьdik.

rule, nom.

to rule, sцlцn.

ruler, sцlel.

to run, gonцn.

rural, lanedik.

Russia, Lusдn.

Russian, lusдnel, lusдnik.



sab, sand.

to sacrifice, vitimцn.

safe, sefik.

sagit, arrow.

sagцn [bosi eke], to say, tell.

sak, bag.

sal, salt.

sale, sel.

salt, sal.

to salute, glidцn.

sam, example.

-ad, copy, specimen.

same, ot.

to sanction, zepцn.

san, sab.

sanel, physician.

sap, wisdom.

-ik, wise.

satin, silk.

saun, health.

-ik, healthy, well.

-lik, healthful.

-цn, to convalesce.

savage, foetдb, foetik.

savings, spдl.

savings-bank, spдlastit.

savцn, to rescue.

to say, sagцn.

sдgo, even.

sдk, question.

-цn, to ask.

sдl, hall.

sдvцn, to hide.

sдtik, sufficient, enough.

scandal, skan.

scheme, jemad.

scholar, julel.

school, jul.

science, nol.

scientific, nolik.

scissors, jim.

sculpture, kцd.

se, out of.

sea, mel.

search (for), sьk, -цn.

seat, sied.

to seat, siadцn.

secret, klдn, klдnik.

section, sekion.

sedцn, to send, to forward, to ship.

to see, logцn.

see there ! ekusi !

sefik, safe.

segiv, expenditure.

segivam, edition.

segolцn, to go out.

segun, according to.

seil, reticence.

-ik, reticent.

-цn, to keep silent.

seistцn, to lie.

seitцn, to lay.

sek, consequence, result.

sekion, section.

sekusadцn, to excuse.

sel, sale.

-цn, to sell.

seled, rarity.

to sell, selцn, sem, some.

sembal, a certain.

sen, feeling.

to send, sedцn.

sened, exterior.

senit, attention.

-цn, to attend, give attention to.

sense, siдm.

sentab, cent.

sentence, set.

sep, sepulchre, tomb.

sepet, expression.

to separate, teilцn.

seplдn, explanation.

-цn, to explain.

September, zьlul.

sepulchre, sep.

serious, fefik.

sermon, pred.

servant, dьnan.

to serve, dьnцn.

sesum, exception.

, excepting.

set, sentence.

setopam, exposition.

setul = zьlul.

sevдl, election.

seven, vel.

severe, jalepik.

sevцn, to know, be acquainted with.

to sew, nдgцn.

shadow, jad.

shake, lemuf, -цn.

shame, jem.

share of stock, lakif.

sharpness, jap, -ik.

she, of.

sheep, jip.

shell, jal.

shelter, jel, tegцp.

shepherd, jepel.

ship, naf.

shoe, juk.

to shoot, jutцn.

shore, jol.

short, blefik.

shove, dlan, -цn.

to show, jonцn.

to shut, kikцn.

si, yes.

siadцn, to seat.

siдm, sense.

sibin, existence.

-цn, to exist.

sick, malдdik.

sickness, malдd.

sid, seed.

side, flan.

sied, seat.

-цn, to sit.

sif, citizen.

to sign, disopenцn.

sikod, therefore.

sil, sky, heaven.

silab, syllable.

silef, silver.

silence, nepьk.

silk, satin.

Silop, Asia.

silver, silef.

simple, balik.

simul, pretense.

SIN, -цn.

since, sis.

to sing, kanitцn.

single, dabalik.

sir, sцl.

sis, since.

sit, system.

to sit, siedцn.

six, mдl.

skan, scandal.

skдm, vagrant.




skit, lcalther.

sky sil.

similar, sьmik.



sleep, slip, -цn.



slep, grade.

slet, slate.

to slide down, disislifцn.

slip, sleep, -цn.

slop, inclination.

-цn, to incline.

-el, partisan, adherent.

slud, resolution, decision.

sma- (prefix), small.

smal, smallness.

-ik, small.

small, smalik.

smallness, smal.

{smel, -цn,


smil, laugh, -цn.

smile, smьl, -цn.

{smok, -цn,


smьl, smile.

snek, snake, serpent.

snob, knot.

snow, nif, -цn.

so, also, so.

so, so, thus.

soal, solitude.

-ik, solitary, alone.



society, klub, sog.

sod, but.

soft, mьedik.

sog, society.

-ik, social.

sol, sun.



soldel = balьdel.

solemn, zelik.

solitary, soalik.

solitude, soal.

solutik, loose.

som, such.

-ik, such (kind of).

some, ans, anik.

somebody, ek.

some one, ek.

something, bos.

sometimes, sotimo.


song, kanit.

soon, suno.



sotimo, sometimes.

soul, lan.

sound, ton.

south, sulьd.

sovemo, so much, to such a degree.

sцl, Sir, Mr.

-al, lord.

-цn, to rule.

-el, ruler.

sцtцn, sцtob, I ought.



spat, walk.

-in, walking-stick.

-цn, to walk.

spдl, savings.

-astit, savings-bank.

-ik, frugal.

to speak, pьkцn.

special, patik.

specimen, samad.

spel, hope, -цn.

spid, haste (-цn).

spinner, spulel.

spirit, tikдl.

spod, correspondence.

-цn, to correspond.

spon, guarantee.

spring, fon, flolatim.

spulel, spinner.

stabцn, to establish.

stad, state, situation.

-цn, to be in a certain state or condition.



stain, sten.

stamp, postage, mдk.

{to stand,


star, stel.

state, stad, tat.

station (railroad), stejen.

staud, restaurant.

to stay, stebцn.

steab, pound sterling, Ј.

to steal, tiron.

steam, stem.

stebцn, to stay.

sted, straightness, -ik.

steel, dьlin.

steif, endeavor, -цn.

stejen, station, depot.

stel, star.

stem, steam.

-abot, steam boat.

-acin, steam-engine.

-anaf, steamship.

sten, stain.

stenьd, strength.

-ik, strong.

step, -цn, advance.

stepfather, lufat.



still, takik, stilik.

stim, honor, -цn.

stip, condition, stipulation.

stit, establishment.

stom, weather.



story, kon.

stove, fцn.

stool, stulil.

stцf, matter.

straight, stedik.

straightness, sted.

street, sьt.

strength, stenьd.

to strike, flapцn.

strong, stenьdik.

{stud, -цn,

to study.}

stul, chair.

-il, stool.

stum, instrument.

stun, astonishment.

{stup, stupidity, -ik, -el.


stьl, style.

stьm, esteem.

su, on.

suadцn, to persuade, convince.

suam, sum, total.

suдm, amount, price.

subject, yeg.

subsat, noun.

to subscribe for, bonedцn.

subscription, boned.

to succeed, plцpцn (he succeeds, plцpos ome).

such, som, somik.

sud, deafness.

suf, action of enduring.

-ad, patience.

-цn, to endure.

sugar, jueg.

sukцn, to follow.

sulьd, south.

sum, suam, suдm.

sumцn, to take.

sun, sol.

Sunday, balьdel.

suno, soon.

sьk, search, -цn.

sьm, similarity.

sьt, street.

svin, hog.

swamp, lulak.

to swear, yulцn.

swift, vifik.

sword, den.



ta, against, in opposition to.



tabled, branch (department).

taen, tannery.

-цn, to tan.

tailor, teladel.

to take, sumцn.

take care ! kautц !

to take place, zitцn.

takцn, to be quiet, to stop.

tal, earth.



tan, tie, band.

tannery, taen.

Talop, Australia.

taste, gut.

tat, state (government).

Tдl, Italy.

-ik, Italian (adjectiv).

-el, Italian (noun).

tдno, then.

tдv, journey.

-el, traveler.

te, only.

to teach, tidцn.

teacher, tidel.

tear (teer), dlen.

teat, theatre.

ted, commerce.

-el, merchant.

-цn, to trade.

tef, relation.

, relating to.

-amik, relativ.

teg, cover, -цn.

-цp, shelter.

teilцn, to separate.

tel, two, 2.

telad, tailor-work.

-el, tailor.

-цp, tailor shop.

teldik, many a.

{telegaf, -цn.




to tell, sagцn.

temip, cowardice.

tempest, tep.

ten, bals.

tenцn, to stretch, extend.

-al, eternity.

-alo, for ever.



tenth, balsid.

tenьd, temption.

tep, tempest.

terror, jek.

tevцn, to wander, migrate.

test, bluf.

to testify, noelцn.

than, ka.

to thank, danцn [eke].

thanks, dan.

that, das, dat, et, ut.

theatre, teat.

themselves, oms it, ofs it.

then, tдno.

there, us, or untranslatable.

therefore, sikod.

thick, bigik.

thief, tif.

thing, din.

to think, tikцn.

third, 1/3, kildil.

this, this one, at.

this year, ayelo.

though, do.

thought, tik.

thousand, mil.

thread, fad.

three, kil.

throat, gug.

throne, tlon.

through, da, dub.

thrust, jok.

thus, also.

thunder, tцt, -цn.

ti, almost.

tiдd, title.

tid, instruction.

-el, teacher.

-цn, to teach.

-ьp, lesson, lesson-time.

-am, instruction.

tif, thief.

-цn, to steal.

tik, thought.

-цn, to think

-av, logic.

-дl, mind, spirit.

till, jьs, jь.

till now, jьnu.



timid, tlepik.


TIP, extremity.

tlat, draft, for drawing money.

tlдp, trap.

tlдt, treachery.

tlep, fright.

-цn, to frighten.

-ik, timid.

tlid, step, -цn.

tlod, consolation.

tlon, throne.

tlup, troop.

to, al.

to-day, adelo.

tof, drop.

tom, torment.

tomb, sep.

ton, sound.

-ab, letter (of alphabet).

tongue, lineg.

too, tu.

tooth, tut.

top, place, locality.

top, lцp.

total, suam.

tour, tьd.

tourist, tьdel.

tovцn, to lift.

towards, дl.

town, zif.

tцb, trouble.

tцk, exchange, barter, -цn.

tцlatцn, to treat.

tцtцn, to thunder.

trade, feb.

to trade, tedцn.

transcript, depenдd.

to translate, lovepolцn.

translation, lovepolam.

treasure, div.

to treat, tцlatцn.

tree, bim.

trial, blьf.

troor, tlup.

trouble, tцb.

true, velatik.

truth, velat.

tu, too, excessivly.

tub, barrel.

tudelo = adelo.

tug, virtue.

tuged, community.

-ik, common.

tum, hundred.

tup, disturbance, -цn.

tusdel = kilьdel.

tut, tooth.

tuvцn, to find.

tьd, tour.

two, tel.

tyrant, lusцlel.



u, ud, or.

uf --- ud, either --- or.

umo, more.

uncle, nцk.

to understand, kapдlцn.

ungrateful, nedanik.

union, balad.

to unite, balцn.

United States, Pebaltats, Tats Pebalцl.

unify, yum.

universe, val.

university, niver.

us, there.

use, geb, -цn.

useful, pцfьdik.

ut, that (before relativ).



ьl- (prefix), original, primitiv.



va, whether.

vab, wagon, carriage.

vaf, weapon.

vagik, empty, vacant.

vibrant, skдm.

vain, vanik.

val, universe.

valadцn, to wait for, to await.

valik, all.

-odik, general, universal.

valuable, vцladik.

value, vцlad.

valьd, power (-ik).

vam, warmth (-ik).

vanik, vain, deceptiv.

vat, water.

vatьkцn, to wash.

vдdik, wrong.

vдgцdelo, every morning.

ve, along.

vedцn, to become.

veg, road.

, via.

veit, width (-ik).

vekцm, welcome.

vel, seven, 7.

velat, truth (-ik).

velдt, exactness (-ik).

velib, verb.

velьdel, Saturday.

ven, when.

vendel, evening.

venod, poison, venom.

venud, grace.

venьd, risk, venture, -цn.

verb, velib.

verse, liдn.

vesdel = folьdel.

vesьd, west.

vet, weight.

veьt, importance (-ik).

{to vex,


viв, vegь.

viatцn, to prevent.

victim, vitim.

victory, vikod.

vidik, broad.

vie- (prefix), white-.

vien, wind.

vietik, white.

vif, quickness, swiftness.

-ik, quick, swift.

vig, week.

vikod, victory, vil, will.

vin, wine.

vindit, vengeance.

vineg, sign, gesture.



viцtцp, laundry.

vip, wish, -цn.

virtue, tug.

visedik, prudent.

VISIT, -цn.

vitim, victim.

-цn, to sacrifice.

vitцn, to avoid.

viud, widowhood.

-el, widower.

viv, web.

-цn, to weave.

vo, indeed, in fact.

voad, leak.

vob, work, -цn.

vobuk, work (book).

vokцn, to call.

vol, world.

-apьk, world-language.

-apьkatidel, teacher of the world-language.

volut, revolution.

vom, woman, wife, Mrs.

-ьl, Miss.

vot, alteration.

-цn, to alter.

-am, (an) alteration.

-ik, other, another.

vцd, word.

-asbuk, dictionary.

vцg, voice.

-od, vote.

vцkдds, the letters д, ц, ь.

vцlad, value (-ik).

-alised, price list.

vцno, once, formerly.

vul, root.

-ik, radical.

vum, worm.

vun, wound, -цn.

vut, rage.

vьlik, arbitrary.



wagon, vab.

to wait for, valadцn [eki].

waiter, bцtel.

walk, spat, -цn.

walking-stick, spatin.

wall, mцn.

war, klig.

warm, vamik.

warmth, vam.

to warn, monedцn.

to wash, vatьkцn.

watch, glok, pokaglok.

to watch, galцn.

water, vat.

weakness, fib.

wealth, lieg (-ik).

to wear, polцn.

to weave, vivцn.

web, viv.

week, vig.

weight, vet.

welcome, vekцm.

west, vesьd.

weather, stom.

what ? kis ?

what kind of ? kimik ?

wheel, luib.

when, kь, kelьp, ven.

when ? kiьp ?

where, kelцp, kц.

where ? kiцp ? kiplad ?

whether, va.

which ? kiom ?

while, du.

white, vietik.

who, kel.

who ? kim ? kif ?

whole, lцl, lцlik.

why ? kikod ?

wide, vidik.

widow, jiviudel.

widower, viudel.

wife, vom.

wild, foetik.

will, vil, -цn.

wind, vien.

wine, vin.

wing, flitad.

winter, nifatim.

wisdom, sap.

wise, sapik.

wish, vip.

with, ko, me.

without, nen.

witness, noel.

wornan, vom.

wonder, milag.

wood, boad.

woods, fot.

wool, lain.

word, vцd.

work, vob, -цn, vobuk.

world, vol.

wom, vum.

to worship, leplekцn.

worthy, digik.

wound, vun, -цn.

to write, penцn.

wrong, negitik, vдdik.



xam, examination.

xдn, ascent (-цn).

xol, ox.

xьd, oxid.



ya, already.

yad, yard (court).

yagцn, to hunt.

yam, lament, -цn.

yan, door.

yanul = balul.

yard, yad.

yдn, yarn.

ye, yed, yet, nevertheless.

year, yel.

yearly, yelsik,

yeb, grass.

yed = ye.

yeg, subject.

yel, year.

-sik, yearly.

-ьp, space of a year.



yeltum, century.

yes, si.

yesdelo = дdelo.

yet, nog.

{to yield,


yof, joy.

-цn, to make joyful.



you, ol, ols.

young, yunik.

yourself, ol it.

yourselves, ols it.

youth, yun, yunel.

yud, Judaism.

-el, Jew.

-ik, Jewish.

yuf, help, -цn.

yul, oath.

-цn, to swear.

yulibik, blue.

Yulop, Europe.

-el, -ik, European.

yulul = velul.

yum, unity concord.

yun, youth.

-ik, young.

-el, young person, youth.

-lik, youthful.

yunul = mдlul.

yьf, assistance.

yьl, bet.



za, about, towards, nearly.

zad, delicacy.

zдdel = vefьdel.

zдl, festival.

ze, almost, nearly.

zeal, zil.

zeil, aim.

zel, solemnity.

zelad, certainty.

zen, ashes.

zendel, noon, mid-day

zenod, centre, middle.

-ik, central.

zepцn, to sanction.

zesьd, necessity.

-цn, to be nceessary.

zi, around.

zib, food, article of diet.

zibasдl, dining-room.

zif, town.

zigad, cigar.

zil, zeal.

-ik, zealous.

zitцn, to take place.

zog, hesitation.

zцg, neglect, -цn.

zцt, ticket.

zugцn, to draw.

zunцn, to be angry.

zьd, acid.

zьl, nine.

zьlul, September.

zьm, circuit.

zьp, adherence (to a party or sect) .

-el, partisan, adherent.

zьt, guitar, cither.